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Over 3 Billion and Growing!
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Organic Bouquet

Global Cash Payout: 4.2% (x2)

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Peace Love World

Global Cash Payout: 5.6% (x2)

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Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125

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Global Cash Payout: *Target does not offer commission on all products.

3.5% of Net Sales Amount on Home and Outdoor, Apparel, Shoes and Accessories
2.1% of Net Sales Amount on Baby Gear & Furniture
0.7% of Net Sales Amount on TV and home electronics, skin/bath/fragrances, fan central, personal care, cosmetics, imaging and office, portable electronics, movies, hair care, no-contract mobile/accessories, bicycles & physical fitness, hardware, activities/dolls/plush, games/diecast/action figures, team & sport equipment, indoor/outdoor recreation, automotive accessories, computer software, preschool/seasonal toys and electronics services.

*No commission on products or categories not listed above. In addition, there is no commission on Gift Card purchases, household commodities, baby care, music, digital entertainment, candy, books and magazines, snacks, pet care, pharmacy-otc, non-carbonated beverages, video games, pharmacy/rx, target cafe, produce/floral, meal essentials, liquor, produce, production bakery, meat, deli, breakfast & warm beverages, sushi, photo nonlab, one spot, photo lab, music, personal care, movies, books, paper & dspbl plastics, starbucks, contract mobile, bread and baking, fruit, meat, frozen - meals and sides, soda, bulk coffee, prepaid cards, pizza hut express, dairy, bulk candy, target cafe retail, frozen pizza and desserts, TV and home electronics, fan central, imaging and office, portable electronics, movies, no-contract mobile/accessories, bicycles and physical fitness, activities/dolls/plush, games/diecast/action figures, team and sport equipment, indoor/outdoor recreation, computer software, preschool/seasonal toys, electronics services, hardware, automotive accessories, Sweet JoJo)
(Not including tax and shipping)

Shopper earns 50% of commission shown and the other 50% is paid out to 7 Lucky People

Shipping Deals:

Free shipping & returns through 12/23

Expires: December 23rd 2017

Our History - Just like our Bullseye logo, our history comes full circle. Our department-store roots evolved into discount-store savvy. Our first-in-the-industry innovations led to retail revolutions. And our community-minded founder fostered a national philanthropic mindset.

Community Outreach - Since 1946, Target has given 5% of its income to communities. That adds up to over $3 million each and every week.

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