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Shoe Metro™ isn't just a company. Shoe Metro™ is you, me, and everyone we know ...... and all the shoes in our closets. We've all unwittingly become shoe addicts at Shoe Metro and we'd love to spread our borderline unhealthy passion for shoes to as many people as possible. We don't just provide comfortable footwear. We deliver warm, fuzzy "sole satisfaction."

Shoe Metro™ began in 2004 when co-founders and old high school buddies David Duong and Will Huynh started selling a few pairs of shoes online from out of their small studio apartment. Since then, Shoe Metro™ has grown into a multi-million dollar company, offering over 150,000 pairs of shoes from more than 200 brands. Everyday, we ship out hundreds of customer orders from our Shoe Metro™ warehouse in San Diego. So you get your shoes with a little extra Southern California sunshine tucked in.

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