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eSale Rugs is the largest purveyor of fine Persian and Oriental rugs in the world. We have been in the business of buying and selling Persian and oriental rugs for over 35 years in the US and Switzerland. We have shipped over 375,000 rugs since 2001 from our warehouses in South Carolina, Switzerland, and Germany.

We have the largest and most diverse inventory of area rugs available anywhere. Our buyers have traveled the earth, from the mountainous hinterlands of Tibet to nomadic regions of Persia, seeking the finest and most unique carpets. We have rugs that you simply won't find anywhere else.

Why our prices are so low, and how we get rugs to you fast:
Because of our large volume, we can buy at lower prices and we pass the savings on to you. At other online retailers, area rugs are sold for $6-12 per square foot while we sell the same product for $2-5. Our prices are also lower because we have everything that's listed on our website in stock. We don't drop-ship from third-party suppliers, so we know everything about our rugs and can ship it out the next business day.

You can rest assured that you will find everything to furnish your home from nomadic Kilim rugs, to high-end oriental Kazaak Rugs, to modern and contemporary rugs, to fine silk hand-knotted masterpiece Persian rugs.

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