We have 3 main goals at Global Mountain -

1 - Make your life better!

Which includes putting money in your pocket as well as your friends 🙂

2 - Help charities in any way we can.

Any organization that needs to raise money! 🙂

3 - Help businesses in any way we can.

Instant revenue with no added expense! 🙂

We will soon be offering a new opportunity that will allow anyone, any charity or business to get their piece of the enormous ecommerce and mobile commerce markets.

All with no risk, investment or prior skills needed and no limit to how much you can make!

This will be a simple way for you, your family and your friends to save and make real money right from home. While at the same time, you will be a part of a company that believes it can make the world a better place!

Charities and organizations of all sizes can use Global Mountain and our sharing model to easily raise money and create a new income stream for their cause. We will also help them by increasing their exposure, sharing valuable information they offer and helping them organize events to do more good.

The two founders Mark Cook & Richard Hickey had a common vision to create an opportunity where anyone could easily make money and do it with no investment or risk. It was also very important that any charity or organization doing good could also benefit by teaming up with us.

After looking at the opportunities available we realized that there was nothing like what we envisioned so we raised enough money and built what you see today at globalmountain.com. A test site (beta site) that works, but is just the bare minimum of our vision.

It is fully functional and people are making money right now. It’s just not ready for the millions of people and thousands of charities we plan on helping. We have been working on the 'full version' for a while and we have started building it. We are building this for everyone. 


We strongly recommend you get your free membership now and pay attention so you will be one of the first people in the world to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! 

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